ASC Summer Camp

After another highly successful summer camp at Oparau near Kawhia from 26th December 2019 - 3rd January 2020, we are now on the hunt for our site for next years camp.

Summer Camp 2019/2020
Oparau, near Kawhia

Exactly thirty years after the last Summer Camp on the Oparau river, ASC returned!

Again we camped beside the Oparau river, but this time in the tiny village of Oparau itself, behind its historic hall. The drive to the hall was scenic, past a stallion (bites and kicks) and assorted relics of rusted cars, boats and farm machinery. It was like stepping back in time. The campsite itself was a pleasant paddock and relatively flat. On the bend of a meandering tidal river, fringed by willows and looking onto a little hillside of native bush, the ASC campers felt at home.

Though the river was a reasonable depth, the banks were steep and slippery which made access tricky. Some members who arrived early, fished out glass and broken crockery from the stream-bed. As the river was tidal, campers needed to time their “throw the bucket down the bank” tactics to coincide with low tide to ensure a fresh-water (not salt-tinged) shower. Children had great fun sliding down the bank at the far end of camp and floating from one end of the camp to the other.

Campers also had access to the Oparau Hall and kitchen. It was certainly novel to have electric light on the notice board in the evenings! 

Families and individuals who attended: Barfoot, Carter, Chandler, Chandler/Hildner, Checketts, Christie, Coulson, Davidson, Dwerryhouse, Evans, Fitzpatrick, Fitzpatrick/Monteith, Frater, Frith, Gummer, Gummer/Barclay, Heenan, Hill, Hodder, Hutton, Hutton/Voll, Lage, Loveridge/Hudson, Miller, Reddell/Cobb, Roberts, Rogers, Scholey, Sidwell/Vant, Tait, Vant, Ward/Ellen, White and Williams. A total of 85 adults and 40 children attended.

Camp leaders: Mark Roberts and Miranda Hutton. Camp treasurer: Bruce Dwerryhouse

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