Fun for small people before lockdown

ASC Small People on Big Hills – Hunua Cossey’s Dam – 1st August 2021

A gorgeous winter's day dawned complete with mist and cloud in the valleys which soon burnt off. Twelve excited families (26 children aged from 2 to 12 years, plus 20 adults) met at the Hunua Falls carpark. We split into a faster and slower group, catering for the various ages and abilities. The fast team took the Massey Track and looped back via the Wairoa Creek Track. The slower group enjoyed an exciting river crossing, then the beauty of the Cossey’s Gorge Track. Everyone made steady progress and all the young legs, and older ones, made it to the Dam for lunch.

Today was the 7th birthday of one of our group, so we all shared some treats to make it festive and fun. The way back to the cars seemed much shorter, helped in part by the promise of cupcakes from the birthday girl at the end. It was great to see good team-work skills being learnt - helping each other across the river and waiting at junctions to make sure all the party knew where to go etc. Everyone enjoyed the beautiful bush, sunny day and meeting up with old and new friends.

The whole trip took 4 hours in total, including many stops, but the Small People conquered the Big Hills and came away very happy with themselves. Families attending were Chaplin, Checketts, Gers, Holter/Lyons, Hird, Horn, Hutton/Riddle, Maria, O'Brien, Roberts, Thomas/Winges and Voll/Hutton.

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