Mt Ruapehu
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Bunk Availability Report
The bunk availability report is now available without a login, click here.

Before You Start
Please note that this system recognises you by your email address. In order to use this booking system you must have given the club a current, unique email address. This is the email address that you gave the club when you paid your subscription. Booking communications will be sent by automated email. Contact the booking officer if you need to update your email address or if you are having problems.

First time users: Before you can log in for the first time the club must have an email address for you and have created an account for you. If you have supplied the club with an email address and your account has been created then you can obtain your initial password by clicking the "lost or don't have a password" link when logging in.

Booking Instructions
To download a full set of booking instructions in PDF format click the link following instructions

The booking officer can  be contacted by email at