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ASC Summer Camp 2020/21

After another highly successful summer camp at Oparau near Kawhia from 26th December 2019 - 3rd January 2020, we are now on the hunt for our site for next years camp. Summer Camp 2019/2020Oparau, near KawhiaExactly thirty years after the last Summer Camp on the Oparau river, ASC returned! Again we camped beside the Oparau river, but this time in the tiny village of Oparau itself, behind its historic hall. The drive to the hall was scenic, past a stallion (bites and kicks) and assorted relics of rusted cars, boats and farm machinery. Read More

Easter at the A Frame (it's all about the contrasts).

Easter at the A FrameArwen Vant Photos here: Easter 2018 Summit views and brilliant sunshine, driving rain and whiteout, training for a marathon or lying on a couch – Easter at Mt Ruapehu in 2018 was all about contrasts. We had 17 people in the A Frame, including 5 kids ranging in age from 7 to 13, while the Manukau Tramping club filled up Ruapehu Hut. A leisurely Friday morning arrival, supported by many hot cross buns, saw some folk out rock climbing on Meads Wall on Friday afternoon. Read More

Climbing Trips for 2020

There will be ‘short notice’ climbing trips organised by the Climbing Group.    To go on one of these trips, please go along to a session of Climbing at Extreme Edge at 7 pm on a Monday evening. Contact:   Jackie Ponting   Ph 021 2093120  or Jackie. ponting@gmail. com   Read More

Weather & Ski Reports

Whakapapa Snow Report Ph: 083 222-182 Met Phone Dial 0900-999 + the 2 digit code for the service you want. Alpine ForecastArea Code Auckland 09 Updated 4 times daily Tongariro 15 Updated 4 times daily Nelson Lakes 02 Updated 4 times daily Southern Lakes 81 Updated 4 times daily Canturbury High Country 26 Updated 4 times daily Internet Weather ResourcesMountain Weather forecasts The NZ Met Service Website plus regional and isobaric maps. Read More

Rapids 101

The first Tuesday of the summer camp was wet. It rained all day to a forecast of severe gales over most of the country. The camp was sheltered from the wind but the Whanganui River drains from as high as the Tongariro National Park. It certainly expanded its territory that day. After waiting a day or so for the river to go down a little, we were bursting for action, or at least Peter was. Read More

An Easy Trip That was Too Hard

An easy ramble around the coast from Ti Point to Matheson’s Bay, Lunch at Leigh and finish at Goat Island reserve. A great day out in the sun with friends. At least that was  my mental picture following Don’s description of the trip.  But the day dawned overcast with rain, a strong easterly wind and a forecast to get worse. The party met at the parking area at Ti Point boat ramp overlooking the entrance to the Omaha estuary and the settlement of Omaha. Heavy cloud and a gray sea, surging into the entrance. Read More

Waitakere & Hunua Track Closures

Auckland Council and DoC have closed large areas of track in Waitakeres and the  Hunuas in response to kauri dieback. Work is ongoing to remediate some of the closed tracks, so it is a good idea to check current status prior to planning a trip. Read More

Club Forums

The club has a new electronic Forum associated with the website. Forums is intended for people to advertise trips and events and to organize transport, including to the mountain on ski weekends. The board works best if lots of people use it. Have a look, register and use it regularly. That way we will all benefit and get the most out of it. Note that it is an email board. If you wish to take up an offer, use the email reply link. Read More

A Swamp called Colenso

The idea of a trip to a blue lake nestled in the trees with sandy beaches and a chance for a swim seems to attract trampers like a cat to smelly fish. The numbers for the open tops trips in past years have been quite low so this year we opted for just one trip at anniversary weekend and had 18 book in on the trip. So many in fact, that several experienced trampers pulled out to arrange an alternative to keep away from the crowds, including me. Read More


The trip started with an email from Marianne asking for the details of my Ruahine trip at Auckland Anniversary Weekend. A quick think returned the germ of what looked on the map to be a nice short 2 day trip with a couple of hours at each end to allow for the long drive down to Mangaweka and back. After the experience in 2005, it was clear that trips needed to be kept from being too ambitious. A tops trip in the Ruahines needs to allow for about 4 hours continuous climbing just to get up there. Read More

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